Matias Koskinen
Matias designs and leads data-driven growth teams

Matias Koskinen designs and leads data-driven growth teams.

Matias designs and leads growth teams. He works at Growth Tribe to empower people to rapidly gain new skills to grow their business.

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What brings you in today?


What I can help you with


I’ve centred my expertise in designing and leading growth teams — teams that provide delightful customer experiences and drive results in every part of the customer lifecycle.


Some highlights to share

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  • Designed a growth stack and growth processes for the local operations of Europe’s 1st growth academy.

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  • Designed and implemented an internal communications strategy for 300 volunteers and led a creative team of 30 volunteers.

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  • Led an advisory board and provided an agile strategy programme for an e-commerce client that was enabled to double their revenues over 12 months.

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  • The youngest Executive MBA from an esteemed business school, over 130 books read and counting, trained brain-based coach, it/media engineer and more.

How those who know me describe me

Matias has an extraordinary sense for solving problems and make things happen. ... [He] is eager to learn new, engaging and analytic. But his soft skills are even more appealing. He keeps what he promises, never gives up, finish the job and always on a good mood.
— Tomas Forsbäck, Entrepreneur and Founder at Readpeak
Matias Koskinen is a highly motivated, multitalented professional who jumps into a production with full force and delivers great work, every time. ...
— Lauri Laukkanen, Strategic Lead and Founder at Helsinking
... Despite his young age, he has proven to be very dependable and mature to run even large projects and responsibilities. Also very eager to learn new and make things work better. ...
— Janne Honkaniemi, Account Director at Spotify
Matias has a unique set of creative and management skills, which makes him thrive at his position. [He] is also a long-term thinker who tries to find the best practices and focus all action to support our vision in an efficient and resource preserving way, which is key to a non-profit organization.
— Kirsi Mentu, Campus Pastor at Suhe

Where I have gained my knowledge

I live and breathe growth


Latest books I’ve read

130+ books and counting

Ultimate Sales Machine
Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

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