Maybe we have something in common?

This is me. Maybe we have something in common?


Designing organisations of the future is my calling. There is nothing better in business than seeing the collective genius of the organisation "ecosystem" emerging in full. I strive to influence at, invest in, work for, and develop such businesses. I also seek to partake in organisations that do good business. What is good business? More about that here.

Key interests/specialities:
Organisation and business design; communication and negotiation; psychology; coaching and facilitation; strategy; knowledge and organisational learning; systems thinking; and servant leadership.


Here is something about me. Can you find anything to relate with?


I started my journey as a creative, making video advertising for production companies and advertising agencies. Then I realised how much more I can contribute by designing better organisations.

This truly is my desire. I delight in designing coherent organisations; and generating clarity and peace for everyone involved. I would say that people around me should see their ability and willingness to create increase.

I also develop myself by reading books about my key interests. I also attempt to live balanced life not only by exercising, sleeping, and eating well but also by spending time with my close ones and enjoying what the life has to offer. When I do not work I enjoy time with my wife and friends, head to our family’s cabin, play golf or disc golf, read books and play games.


Maybe our education is alike or complementing?

Schools and certifications do not measure your ability nor determine your approach as such. However, they have been a great way to gain knowledge about different perspectives and tools that support other practical and self-paced learning. Nevertheless, the degrees and certifications I hold are as follows.

I am soon graduating as an Executive MBA from the Henley Business School. In addition, I hold four certifications. Graduate Diploma in Management from the Aalto Executive Education; Approved Board Member, Chairman (HHJ-PJ) certification from the Tampere Chamber of Commerce; Certificate IV in Ministry, Film and TV from the Hillsong Leadership College; and Bachelor in Engineering in Information Technology, Media Technology from the HAMK university of Applied Sciences.


Perhaps we share similar interests?

I have participated for a while in the Future Board and the Henley Alumni networks to contribute, expand networks and gain expertise. In addition, I have just joined to the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, the Strategic Management Society of Finland, and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises to see what these networks are about.

This is it. I think this is a somewhat good overview and I hope we had something in common. Although, it is highly likely that you may have found nothing to relate with. If not, let’s even then grab some lunch or coffee. I would like to know who you are.