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What I discovered in September


Books read

Secrets of Closing the Sale
Zig Ziglar with Kevin Harrington

The book looks into Zig's wisdom around sales. It also presents numerous practical examples of closing. The book could've been great handbook if it just wasn't that hard to follow.

"You can get everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar


Why We Sleep
Matthew Walker

Matthew barrages the reader with countless reasons why sleeping is important. So I took heed, did not finish the book, and slept. Lessons learned!

“A balanced diet and exercise are of vital importance, yes. But we now see sleep as the preeminent force in this health trinity.” - Matthew Walker


Matias Mäenpää and Anssi Kiviranta

15 henkilökohtaista tarinaa yrittäjistä, jotka rakensivat yrityksen tyhjästä ja myivät sen. Kirja keskittyy henkilöiden omiin tarinoihin. Siihen mistä matka lähti ja miten yrityskauppaan lopulta päädyttiin.

“Erään alan perinteisen toimijan päällikkö sanoi minulle vuosia myöhemmin, että ensin teille naurettiin. Muutaman kuukauden jälkeen se nauru loppui ja tulikin täysi paniikki päälle - nuohan onnistuvat.” - Pekka Möttö


Never Split the Difference
Chris Voss with Tahl Raz

Never Split the Difference is the 🐐 (Greatest of All Time) of negotiation books – maybe even the 🐐 of all books! An absolute gem filled with wisdom. The knowledge is useful anywhere from business to personal life.

“Good negotiators, going in, know they have to be ready for possible surprises; great negotiators aim to use their skills to reveal the surprises they are certain exist.” - Chris Voss

(5/5) Third read-through. Have a look at the original review.

Uusi Neuvotteluvalta
Sami Miettinen and Juhana Torkki

Sami ja Juhana avaavat neuvottelutaitoa neljän perustaidon kautta: valta, analyyttisuus, sosiaalisuus ja periaatteellisuus. Suomalaiset esimerkit ja tarinat todella mielenkiintoisia.

“Neuvottelu on prosessi, jossa tavoitellaan yhteistä tahtotilaa sopimuksen kautta” - Sami Miettinen and Juhana Torkki


Negotiations on the Edge
Matthias Schranner

Negotiation dissected with engineer’s precision. The book is filled with useful frameworks and checklists for negotiation preparation.

“The objective [of negotiation] is a satisfactory agreement” - Matthias Schranner


Favourite podcasts

Greymatter by Greylock Partners.png


Frameworks For Driving Sustainable Growth w/ Mike Duboe, Brian Balfour, Shaun Clowes | Greymatter

So many interesting insights. For example, did you know that growth team at Pinterest uses 60% of its resources and time in developing infrastructure? And only the remaining 40% is used for experimentation?

with Kwame Christian Esq., M.A

How to Win Tough Negotiations with Matthias Schranner, CEO of The Schranner Negotiation Institute

The episode made me to read Matthias’ book. He introduced negotiation mental models that I had not come across before. Or at least had not come across in a way he phrased the models.

How to Use Negotiation Jiu Jitsu to Resolve Conflicts & Persuade with Doug Witten, Esq.

Doug and Kwame discuss negotiation jujitsu. Negotiation jujitsu, according to Harvard, is used to break the vicious cycle of escalation by channelling the resistance to other interests.

Real Recorded Car Negotiation: How to Get 13% Below Market (Part 3)

Insightful live negotiation example by Kwame. It was educational to see how he prepared (parts 1 and 2) for the negotiation and how he negotiated for the car.

Marketing Swipe File with Dave Gerhardt.png

Marketing Swipe File
With Dave Gerhardt

The Relationship Between Sales & Marketing with Drift CRO Josh Allen

Discussion around contemporary marketing and sales. Hear how best salespeople are like tour guides. Or how marketing should be something highly unexpected or highly targeted.

Is The Traditional Marketing Funnel Dead?

Drift ditched traditional marketing funnel (MQLs and all) and committed to talking about people. The conversational funnel is something like: interested people, conversations, scheduled conversations, future customers and customers. Semantics? Yes, but the way we frame our words drives our behaviour. Words matter.

Worthwhile resources

The Ultimate Conversational Marketing Starter Kit.png

The Ultimate Conversational Marketing Starter Kit

Who gives away a book? Well, Drift does. And they also give many other resources such as conversational sales handbook, this won’t scale and the modern marketer’s playbook while doing so!

Get the starter kit here:

PS. I am not affiliated with Drift in any way. I just really admire their approach and product. I have soon devoured most of their content so the praise will cease for a while.