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3 admirable principles that Drift embodies


This month's focus was on learning about how great growth organisations are designed. The most striking finding was the following three principles that Drift embodies.

  1. Non-gated content — Let the content spread as far as possible. You don’t give your contact info when you enter a brick and mortar store. So why would you do so on the web?

  2. Scale one person at a time — Scaling is as simple as “hand-to-hand" combat. The principle enforces focusing on the customer and has impacted how they have designed their organisation.

  3. Talk to every customer — Everyone at Drift does support. And that’s everyone. Even I have had a short chat with David himself!

Here are the five books and four podcasts that will lead you to learn the same.


Books read

AI Superpowers
Kai-Fu Lee

Excellent overview of the current capabilities and future impact of AI.

The most interesting part was Lee's exploration of how US and China compare in the four main building blocks of an AI superpower. He describes these blocks as abundant data, tenacious entrepreneurs, well-trained AI scientists, and a supportive policy environment.

The book also felt like a sequel to Henry Kissinger's World Order. So this book will be interesting to many kinds of people. Such as those interested in international relations, technology and social sciences.


Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t
Steven Pressfield

The book is fancily written. Like really fancily written compared to usual business books. It is a collection of 119 short and even shorter chapters. Because of that, the great copywriting principles did not come through that clearly. There are better books for the purpose.

So surprisingly, the most arresting insight was a piece of career advice. Steven describes how career infallibly works itself out. It will be random and filled with failures, but retrospectively, it will work itself out. Steven also writes how we are drawn towards our “white whale”. Towards the idea which we are ”compelled to pursue the way Ahab was driven to hunt Moby Dick. ... The whale is your unwritten book, your unsung song, your calling.”

The book did not deliver what I expected. Yet still, the book lifted some resistance off my heart. It managed to clarify and affirm my chosen path.


Predictable Revenue
Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler

"Oh, this is how things should be done" will be your foremost thought after reading this book.

Predictable Revenue presents a blueprint for building effective sales organisations. You will see how a consistent sales system contributes to generating predictable sales. It is insightful to read how Aaron designed his organisation at And how his way combined both inbound and outbound qualifying with sales and customer success processes.

A must-read for those building and leading sales organisations.


Profit First
Mike Michalowicz

Are you interested in being top of your personal or business finances? Are you motivated to do so profitably and to grow responsibly? Are you planning to pay off your debt all while being profitable?

Profit First provides an incredibly simple system to achieve these goals from day one. There's no need for complicated financial management. With this system, you'll always know the status of your finances, and first of all, be profitable.

I took heed of the advice and implemented my own modified profit first system straightway to my personal and business finances.


From Impossible to Inevitable
Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin

Written by the author of Predictable Revenue, the book has big boots to fill. It has been called "Predictable Revenue 2.0".

The book explores seven ingredients of hypergrowth: 1) nailing a niche, 2) creating a predictable pipeline, 3) making sales scalable, 4) doubling your deal size, 5) doing the time, 6) embracing employee ownership and 7) defining your destiny. And it does so very practicably and meticulously. The favourite part was nailing a niche as it provided a useful framework for deciding a business idea.

From Impossible to Inevitable is an excellent guide for some occasions. This time though it fell to the short side of the Pareto principle. There was not that much more content for building growth organisations after reading the first book.


Favourite podcasts

Seeking Wisdom with David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt.png

Seeking Wisdom
David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt

#35 People Don’t Care About Your Product

David and Dave discuss the importance of understanding that no one cares about your products. It is your job to articulate well what is the superpower that your clients get from using your products. The episode built well upon the last month’s focus.

#45 Our Approrach to Content Marketing

There are so many things that Drift does so right. One of them is to have as much non-gated content as possible. Let it spread as far as conceivable. You don’t give your contact info when you enter a brick and mortar store. So why would you do so on the web?

#84 Unconventional Things We’ve Done To Grow Drift

Another great principle behind Drift's success is to scale one person at a time. They call it hand-to-hand combat, and it enforces focusing on their customers. The process combines both outbound and branding activities. There's also a lot of similarities to the insights in the "predictable revenue". The fact that they do not even try to attribute everything in their branding/inbound activities is also very significant perspective.

#98 Customer Experience Is The New Marketing

The third admirable principle that Drift embodies is that they talk to every customer. Everyone at Drift does support. Even I have had a short chat with David himself. There’s much to learn from Drift.