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4+9 Great Podcasts



August was a “podcastful” month.

I read a mere two books but took three new podcasts to my regular listening intake:

Negotiate Anything with Kwame Christian Esq., M.A.

Live Practice Sessions! ☝️ What else can I say? It’s so helpful to hear pros practising their negotiation skills with live scenarios.

In the Arena with Anthony Iannarino

Discussions on sales techniques and mindsets. Host Anthony Iannarino is a sales pro himself, and he interviews other sales experts about how they do it.

Naval with Naval Ravikant

Naval’s reflective, or philosophical even, thoughts on wealth creation and entrepreneurship. Fast to listen through, slow to truly engross. 🤯

The Customer Experience with BombBomb

The newest podcast on my list. The first episode I listened through (more on it below) was quite insightful.

See my thoughts on some of the favourite episodes below. 🤓


Books read

Data-Driven Sales

Quality writers equal quality content.

Contemporary and practical examples on data-driven sales by real practitioners.Contents include themes such as inbound lead qualification, automated outbound sales, sales forecasting, and finding sales triggers.

Something to get back to whenever I’ll be touching one of the book's themes.


Data-Driven Marketing

Quality writers equal quality content — just as with the companion book Data-Driven Sales.

The writers will present high-end practical examples on modern marketing techniques.These include, for example, website personalisation, account-based marketing, personalised drip email sequences and modern marketing analytics.

The book will be something I revisit whenever I work on something related.


Favourite podcasts

Negotiate Anything.png

Negotiate Anything
Kwame Christian Esq., M.A.

How to Manage Egos and Difficult Emotions with Derek Gaunt

You’ll learn things as everything you need to move the needle will be told you if you are just willing to listen. Try to understand the situation through the other person’s eyes.

The most dangerous situation is when you don’t realise it is a negotiation! Make it always about the other side.

PRACTICE SESSION - How to Manage Egos and Difficult Emotions with Derek Gaunt

Live examples of using silence, mirroring, labelling, upward deflation and tone-of-voice in negotiations.Be concerned about the opposing party’s reality; there’s no need to win every point.

How to Handle Digital Negotiations with Liz Milan, Director of Procurement of DiscoverOrg

Practical examples for email, phone and video call negotiations. Frame every conversation as a negotiation; try to understand the other person as fully as possible.

In The Arena with Antony Iannarino.png

In the Arena
Anthony Iannarino

Chris Hays from Zoominfo on Sales Development – Episode #131

A broad discussion on multi-touchpoint sequences, prospecting and other general sales development areas. If you believe in what you are doing, and your service would help them, why wouldn’t you contact them?

Max Altschuler on Outreach and Prospecting Sequences – Episode #130

Take your destiny into your hands by doing cold outreach. A/B test everything.

Naval Podcast.png

Naval Ravikant

The podcast has an unique format.

It is listenable in 50 three to five-minute episodes or in a one 3-hour monster episode. I don’t say anything about the episodes itself because the following titles are so descriptive.

Pick Partners With Intelligence, Energy and Integrity

Arm Yourself With Specific Knowledge

Learn to Sell, Learn to Build

Take Accountability to Earn Equity

Keep Redefining What You Do

Reject Most Advice

We Should Eventually Be Working For Ourselves

Principal-Agent Problem: Act Like an Owner

The Customer Experience Podcast.png

The Customer Experience

29. Making B2B Marketing More Personal w/ Brett Chester

Thoughts on how all customer touchpoints should be evaluated in terms of customer experience. Feel the other person as much as possible; have conversations and ultimately turn those into relationships.

Curious what the other 9 great podcasts were?


Well, here you go. 😏

These are the nine podcasts that I have been listening for awhile.

And some favourite episodes from last month.

Seeking Wisdom with David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt.png

Seeking Wisdom
David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt

My absolute favourite podcast of all time.

There’s so much good stuff on growth, customer experience, and learning that I cannot even comprehend how good this podcast is.

#111: Why Steli Efti Thought Branding Was Bullshit

Ideas on brand, following-up and modern sales process.

It’s easier to convert those that hate than those that are indifferent. Did you know that Steli Efti follows-up forever? He is not in the business to be loved, he’s here to provide value. Follow your follow-ups!

#114: Don't Be Scared Of A Crowded Market

The crowded market provides a reverse engineering benefit, and it also validates a need. So find your niche and do it differently than others.

#131: 3 Simple Tips To Help You Read More Books (Even If You Don't Like Reading)

David and Dave state that these three tips help you read more books: read with purpose, read just for one thing, and read with permission to quit.

#138: The 3 Types of Role Models Everyone Needs In Their Career

Learn what works and what doesn't from others. The role model strategy is a systematic effort to learn from others.

#147: Invert, Always Invert: A Secret to Solving the Most Difficult Problems.

When you get overwhelmed by details, flip the problem upside down. It's like reverse-engineered thinking. What does prevent you from doing this?

Ted Radio Hour by NPR and Guy Raz.png

Ted Radio Hour
Guy Raz

Everyone knows TED. But how many talks have you actually listened to? The podcast collects all the ideas, inventions and approaches from the TED stage and presents them in an insightful weekly package.

The Growth Hub Podcast.png

The Growth Hub Podcast
Edward Ford

Edward interviews high-end growth professionals on their subject expertise. Clients include, for example, Dani Hart, Guillaume Cabane, Blake Bartlett, Jessica Webb and David Cancel.

Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell.png

Revisionist History
Malcolm Gladwell

I could only dream of writing better than Malcolm. So here’s what he says about the podcast. Every episode re-examines something from the past – an event, a person, an idea, even a song – and asks whether we got it right the first time. It’s his journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood.

How I Built This by NPR and Guy Raz.png

How I Built This
Guy Raz

Guy Raz, the host of Ted Radio Hour, explores the stories behind successful businesses. Fascinating stories from entrepreneurs who made it far!

Marketing Swipe File with Dave Gerhardt.png

Marketing Swipe File
Dave Gerhardt

Dave does marketing for marketers. Marketing Swipe File is one of his channels for sharing the real tactics and strategies that the best marketers are using right now.

The Missing Ingredient in Your B2B Copywriting

Be specific in your writing — that’s what Dave calls as the missing ingredient.

Growth with Matt Bilotti.png

Matt Bilotti

In this podcast, Matt explores themes around growth. These themes include growth teams and process, hiring growth people and product-led growth.

Building a Growth Process That’s Right for Your Team (and What We Do at Drift)

Each team is different because the different people in it make the team. The process and team will evolve as you learn more. Remember to ask your team how they’d like to organise themselves!

Growth Experts by Dennis Brown.png

Growth Experts
Dennis Brown

Growth Experts is Dennis’ podcast for sharing growth strategies, tactics, and tools from real growth experts and entrepreneurs. The first “growth” podcast I started listening.

Boss Level with Sami Honkonen.png

Boss Level
Sami Honkonen

Sami’s podcast explores both individuals and organisations aiming for the boss level. There are many interesting discussions on the future of organisations and their design.