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Updates from the quest for finding the essence of growth

What I learned in May


May was a blast in terms of learning. I joined Growth Tribe Academy as a Growth Manager, and I can candidly say that our people embody continuous learning. Here are some books, podcasts and tools I came by in May. I hope you find them useful.


Books read this month

Lean Analytics
Alistair Croll and Benjamin Yoskovitz

The first six chapters provide an exceptional introduction to the world of data-driven decision-making. Most of the content cover analytics frameworks for startups of varying kinds and at different lifecycle stages. These you might find useful or not.


DotCom Secrets
Russell Brunson

A bible-like tome on building value ladders and marketing funnels to grow business. However, I find the tone ill-suited for European culture. So I recommend that you reflect on the principles behind and leave the practicalities to our friends overseas.


The Ultimate Sales Machine
Chet Holmes

The most useful part of this book describes the principles of educational marketing. Also, the mindset of pigheaded discipline in targeting the most desired clients is quite memorable. Nonetheless, most of the content felt time-worn, the structure was hard to follow, and it was delivered with American grandeur. There were good moments, but the delivery was not to my liking.


Favourite podcasts of the month

Matt Bilotti

The Most Remarkable Product Onboarding I’ve Ever Seen

Matt walks us through an insane onboarding process he experienced with the new email app Superhuman. The process is exceptionally polished, and it provides excellent customer service and high-quality data for the product team.

How to Spend 10X Less But Do 10X More. Drift’s Mad Scientist & VP of Growth Weighs In on Must-Have Tools

Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Drift, highlights the importance of being continually in the lookout for new tools. Marketers who stay ahead of the technology curve will have a competitive advantage by having an ability to provide distinctive customer experiences.

Growth Experts
Dennis Brown

How to Close More Deals Over the Phone without Being Pushy /w Kayvon Kay

Kayvon and Dennis discuss how being the opposite of a typical salesperson is a key sales strategy. So what are some qualities of the opposite? Keep control by asking questions and have follow-up consistency. They finish by concluding that a real closing call shouldn’t be pleasant (because it addresses a real pain), but should involve a bit eagerness now that the pain is about to be solved.

How to Turn Cold Calls into Warm Calls by Leveraging Sales Intelligence with Sam Richter

Sam and Dennis share how sales intelligence can be used to make sales content more relevant and personalised for clients. All you need to do is to do a bit of homework, use some tools and sincerely care about people.

Tools explored this month


I am not a stranger to Hubspot as I have been using it since 2014. Anyhow, my first responsibility at Growth Tribe has been to set up our growth stack for Finland. The tool is the heart of our stack, and as a consequence, my month has revolved around it.


I am inquisitive about Drift and conversational marketing. As of now, I have only been able to set up basic integration settings, but the potential for this tool is huge. I expect that the tool will help us to provide better experiences across all client lifecycle stages. Their “educative marketing statement” is actually a pretty good one: would you buy anything from a brick-and-mortar where are no people and a sign-up form wherefrom you can expect a callback in a few weeks?