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Valkean was my video advertising production company.

I founded Valkean Creative, a video production company.

Valkean 7.1.jpg

Valkean Creative was my video advertising production company.

Founder, Creative & Producer

Jul 2014 - Jan 2016

I produced and created video advertising for advertising agencies and production companies. The most well-known production role I had was the colourist for the movie Autolla Nepaliin, Dream Driven.

Matias Koskinen is a highly motivated, multitalented professional who jumps into a production with full force and delivers great work, every time. Matias’ profound knowledge about the industry’s many different areas turned out to be a very valuable asset in all parts of the production - from the first days in pre-production, all the way to the very last stages of post-production. I know I will definitely continue collaborating with this great individual in the future, and would highly encourage others to try him out as well.
— Lauri Laukkanen, Strategic Lead and Co-founder at Helsinking